Livingstone Christian College maintains a limited number of official social media accounts. These are primarily for connecting with our community and generating positive engagement with our school's brand. Secondary to this, the social media accounts provide a space to supplement communication to existing families.

The official social media accounts for the College are:

Facebook page - Livingstone Christian College

This is the primary and most active social media profile for the College.

Facebook page - Livingstone Christian College Early Learning Centre

This is the social media presence for the College's ELC. The content on this page is managed by the ELC Director and ELC administration staff.

Instagram account - @livingstonechristiancollege

This is a space for curated visual highlights from across the College.

YouTube - Livingstone Christian College

This is where most public videos by the College are published, including the fortnightly Principal's Update videos.

Vimeo - Livingstone Christian College

The College's Vimeo account is primarily used for securely live-streaming events to our existing families.

LinkedIn - Livingstone Christian College

This profile is sporadically maintained for consistency. No content is actively shared by the College on the LinkedIn platform. 

If College staff have any questions about the official social media accounts or would like to request content publishing on a social media account, please submit a Marketing & Communications job ticket.