There are a wide range of jobs that the Marketing & Communications team receive.

Here is an outline of job areas that the team looks after.

1. Design Tasks

Any graphic design or related task. This might include a flyer for an upcoming event, an awards certificate, a booklet about subject selection or icons for a new program.

2. Newsletter

The College Newsletter is published fortnightly to all current parents/carers, students in years 7 to 12 and all College staff. If you have an article, photos or notice for the Newsletter, please write your content and submit it as a ticket. Please also have the subject field of your ticket/email as "Newsletter - [name of your article]".

3. Photo/Video - Event

If you require a member of the team to attend an upcoming event for photography or video, please submit this as a job ticket. 

4. Photo/Video - Other

If you require photography or a professionally-produced video for a project or task, please submit this as a job ticket.

5. Social Media

The team looks after all official Social Media accounts for the College. If you have any requests or questions regarding social media, please submit this as a job ticket. 

6. Website

The team maintains and is responsible for the College's website. If you have any requests or questions regarding the website, please submit this as a job ticket.

7. Equipment Booking Request

The Marketing & Communications team has cameras and other equipment for staff to loan out for excursions or events that a Marketing & Communications team member cannot attend. Please submit a ticket to organise loaning a camera or other equipment.

8. Communications

The team can help you out if you need to prepare a statement, letter or document. We can also assist with proofreading and formatting. When submitting a ticket for this type of request, please ensure that you attach all relevant documents. 

9. Project

If there is a big project coming up that requires the help of the team, start a conversation in the ticket and we can work alongside you to achieve it.

10. Yearbook

The Marketing & Communications team is responsible for the annual College Yearbook. This is generally published each year at the end of term 4. Any questions or submissions related to the yearbook should be submitted as a ticket.  

11. Other

There are lots of other tasks that the Marketing & Communications team looks after. If in doubt, send us a ticket and we are happy to assist you as we can.